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“We have worked with Mo and General Informatics for almost 10 years now.Our servers or Network practically have never been down. The one time our server failed, our employees were back working within the hour.”
- Chris Pellegrin
Chief Operating Officer, CSRS, Inc.
E-Ticket with ZERO Data Entry
E-Ticket With Zero Data Entry

transforms the traditional ticket issuing process into an effortless process.
Officers do not have to write or type any characters and can issue a ticket in under 40 seconds. The offender can then pay the ticket immediately through an online website.

Proactively alerts the officer for flags such as stolen vehicles, warrants, or offender past history, etc.

GiSMo is available on robust Motorola MC75 Units, or in an economical package for iPhones or iPads. The system uses scanning & swipe technology to read driver license information and VIN numbers. The GPS is used to reverse lookup the location information and in-built connectivity automatically uploads tickets to a website.

Increase traffic officer's effectiveness 10x
Eliminates data entry errors
Pay tickets online instantly
Lowest cost through Cloud Technology
Go live in one week
No. Servers. No Installations. No IT Issues.
Grant assistance available
Ruggedized & Always Up
  Rugged, lightweight design
  SIRF GPS Connectivity
  Verizon & AT&T data connected
  Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  Extra-long life battery
  Advanced encryption and security
Works With Other Systems
integration with DMV database
  Integration with LPR System
  Web services integration
  Automatic court date
  Integration with Clerk of Court
  Integration with DA's database
Pictures & Voice Notes
Attach multiple pictures instantly
  Voice memo recording
  Signature capture on screen
  Easy note taking ability
  Matching Laptop/Computer
  Licenses Included As A Backup
Instant Pay Online Ability
Ability to pay ticket online instantly
  or with Supervisor approval
  Online payment processing
  Identification of non-online payable tickets
Lowest startup cost
  No dedicated hardware needed
  Works on iPhone
  Share single device across officers
Reporting & Automation
Search violations by description
  New statutes automatically updated
  Auditable book of electronic tickets
  Instant statistics
  Multiple reports
  Offline training mode
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